Knoppix 3.4 on MB02

Knoppix 3.4 was installed into harddisk using knoppix-installer


Ethernet onboard

Automatically detected by hotplug. Driver used is e100.


Automaticall detected. Driver used is ipw2100.

To contact an access point which use ESSID and WEP run iwconfig

# iwconfig eth0 essid "FOO"
# iwconfig eth0 enc "the-wep-key-here"
# pump -i eth0


Detected automatically. hotplug will activate usb-uhci. To activate USB 2.0, add ehci-hcd into /etc/modules.


Automatically detected by hotplug, driver used is i810_audio. Internal speaker works normally, but I have not succeeded using headphone. Maybe because this sound chip has 6 configurable lines, and only two of them which drives internal speaker has configured properly.

Update: Sound output via headphone jacks is ok. I forgot to turn up volume on the headphone.


Need additional driver, which needs to be compiled by yourself. Get driver source from

To prepare modem driver:

Don't forget to replace INDONESIA above by your own country name. Afterward, modem can be accessed from /dev/ttySL0.

Precompiled versions here: slamr.o which must be copied to /lib/modules/2.4.26/misc and slmodemd which need to be placed in /usr/sbin

Internet connection can be set using wvdial, by following steps:


Detected automatically. On running KDE, a battery icon will be shown beside clock, on the bottom right corner of screen. Battery indicator will show battery "fill level" (what is the proper term?), and approximate battery usage time left.

Right-click on that icon will give us option to operate CPU on various clock speeds: 1600, 1200, 1000, 800, 600 MHz, with related power usage each 32, 24, 20, 16, and 12 watts.

There is a bug in ACPI (for this box, not a generic bug). If lid was closed, then reopened, then processor utilitzation will jump, centered on [keventd].


Detected automatically, driver is ohci1394. Not tested with real FireWire device yet.


Detected automatically. Haven't tried yet, because my needs already fulfiled by various on-board devices.


Detected automatically. X runs on 1024x768 24 bpp. Driver used is i810.

There will be a small problem if Fn+F3 pressed (to switch from LCD to external monitor and their combinations). Fixed by changing to any virtual console than back to X. (press Shift+Alt+F1 then Alt+F7).


No problem. xine can be used to play DVD, VCD, or multimedia files (.avi, .mpg, etc). Writing to CD-R or CD-RW can be done using already-installed k3b.


No problem. Touch on pad can do a "click" too.